Kohde Collective targets themes that are present movements in the society, through-out high-quality art. In the practice of the Kohde Collective, the movement is juxtapositioning the other art mediums. Subjects that are, at the same time reachable for the wider audience, but hence evolving from the Kohde Collectives individual perception, are addressed. 


Kohde Collective operates from their manifesto to express common values in their work. Leading values for the practice are the cruciality to offer accessible art and the integration of various unconventional parties to the work. Kohde Collective opens the traditional setting of the performance art: targeting various audiences, setting performances in site-specific and out of the black-box places, as well as operates primarily with audience integration and participation. Social aspects in developing the pieces and the responsability of the artist in context of community are bridging the practice of Kohde Collective towards social engaged art and community art fields.


Kohde Collective - in misson to target current visible and invisible movements in the contemporary world.        


Kohde Collective is supported by Kohde Collective's registered Association ry.  

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