Virva Torkko is a dance professional from Kuopio, Finland. She graduated at Savonia University of Applied Sciences with BA in dance and pedagogics and continued her studies at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in the contemporary dance performance master degree programme. In Hungary her own research was about finding and discovering different improvisation methods.


She has performed for example with Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth in Winter Circus Love, One Next to Me of Milla Koistinen and Èclipse of Csaba Molnár. As part of the work group Torkko-Valanto-Muñoz she co-created a project Super Target focused on social aspect of food culture and its related behaviour. The project in artistic residencies of Kulturfactory in Domicella, Italy, Bakelit Multi Art Centre in Budapest, Hungary and Eastern Dance Centre of Finland in Kuopio.


In addition to the upcoming projects of Kohde Collective, Virva is working with Belgian choreographer-dancer Justine Copette. Additionally she teaches dance at Art High School Lumit, JuJu Dance Puijola and Kuopion Taideopisto and works as at Dance Theatre Minimi.


Outi Elena Valanto ( MA) is a Finnish artist and researcher with background in dance and architecture. She is currently based in Germany. Her practice is focused in cross-disciplinary techniques combining together her two backgrounds: artistic and scientific: movement studies and architecture. She is interested in possibilities for city development through arts, communities of practice, inclusive- and interdisciplinary art practices as well as movements engaged with technology. As a freelancer Outi has worked in international productions like Moving Digits, Common Ground, Moving Beyond Inclusion, Move the Public Space. With her own works like Transformer, Supertarget and Spiritual Cabaret she has observed the present movements in society. Subjects  like social media, technological development, artificial body and public space have been in focus point. The inclusivity of various movers and the technologically attached moving human body in urban space are the future interests of her. She is currently researching Receptive Moving in Urban Spaces - methodology for urban designers and for choreographic creation.

Juan Pablo Muñoz Bulla is a pianist from Colombia. He did master degrees both in piano performance and piano pedagogics at Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in Budapest, Hungary. Additionally he studied music at Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Escuela de Música Mozarteum in Venezuela. He is specialised in chamber music. He has given concerts in various concert halls in Colombia and Venezuela and at Liszt Ferenc Emlékmúzeum and Vikár Sándor Zeneiskola -concert halls in Hungary. He has composed music for the projects of Kohde Kollektiivi and for documentary film of Manuel Contreras. Juan Pablo has many years of teaching experience in piano.